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Born and raised in Toronto, Jay began photography when she was 17 year old soon after graduating from a drama program in high school. She then attended The Ontario University of Art and Design and completed her Bachelor photography degree in 2013. After only a year out of University, she began shooting for worldwide Athletic Brand Lululemon as their Toronto Ambassador Photographer. Since then, her role has now grown to photographing Lululemon Ambassadors for Canada East. Now, Jay continues to develop her photography business working primarily in the fitness industry as she is rapidly growing her client list working with Saucony and Bauer this past year. 


"I have been a Athlete my whole life, so I don't know why I never thought about making a career as an athletic photographer. When I was in University I wanted to be a fashion photographer no question, I had only photographed one athlete before I started shooting with Lululemon. But it was though my knowledge as an athlete that it was easy for me to shoot them. I knew what looked right and was didn't simply because I do it myself everyday. My shoots are about sweat and experience. I would never ask a model to do something I wouldn't do myself. I like to create an environment when I shoot. I love music and making people laugh, I have never been a serious person, just ask any one of my models."



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